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Motor City Shadows

Jan 7, 2018

Season 1 Episode 4 - Angels and Demons

Are you a Shadowrunner looking for that special someone?  Tired of blind dates set up by your fixer?  Had it up to here with the heightened surveillance and armed security in the club scene?  Then you are the perfect match for Shadowmatch.  Our hyper advanced algorithms are co authored by a team of deckers working with a powerful digital intelligence and its cabal of technomancers to find you someone who will love you for you and all your hindrances and squatter lifestyle.  Don’t be run solo anymore, find your perfect accomplice with ShadowMatch.

Writer & editor: Aaron Worsham

Voice Actors: Jon Hradsky and Sarah Worsham

Sound: benboncan, abolla, brassknucklesfilms, macif, nicktermer, baefild, splicesound, abouch, vonfleisch, smsh110, vedas