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Motor City Shadows

Jun 5, 2017

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Season 1 Episode 1 

The story begins with four Shadowrunners sitting around a table in a basement apartment in Detroit in the year 2077.  The story ends with one of them being shot and the other getting a frozen treat.  What happens in the middle is for you to discover.



Writer: Aaron Worsham

Editor: James Rossi

VO Actors: Jake Chase, Jon Hradsky, Christopher Borkoski, Dan Putnam, Dan Imhoff, Eric Wagner, Sarah Worsham

Music: Jens Kilstofte, RoccoW, Mail Call Trio

Sound: dmi, wildweasel, audione, manda-g, guituarguy, kbnevel, andy-gardner, cedarstudios, jamesbels, eliasheuninck, sclolex, snapper4298, estupe, owlstorm, risherlandtv, laiaoreka, kreastricon62, f4ngy, kodack, s-dedalus, laura222, veiler, jeanet-henning, yunikon, milpower, taure, schots, tommy-mooney